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BAM mod

BAM (formerly Shockwave)

The BAM is a very popular mod combining the massive battery life from a 26650 and Kick support via a smaller diameter inner tube. It will be sold with a 510 connection and the much loved button from the Silver Bullet

The BAM V2 is now available, it is exactly the same as the previous version but the kick module is now threaded. It is also available in a range of colors.

Originally named “Shockwave” the mod was renamed to BAM (Bad Ass Mod?) shortly before release to avoid any confusion with the “Shockwave” mod by Super-T Manufacturing that has an upcoming mod under the same name.

Power RegulationNo
Switch TypeElectrical
FeaturesRemovable Kick Module (kick not included)
Fuse protection
PriceV2: $119.95


Video Preview (by grimmgreen):

  • David Burnham

    You should change the name again.  The upcoming Zenesis B.A.M. Mod (Black Aluminum Mini) beat you guys to the name.   It’s confusing I tell you!

    • VaperJoe

      I’m not sure if they’ll change the name again on release, it doesn’t seem like it.. 

  • Rich Gavina

    I was fortunate enough to see James from Kalamazoo announce late last week on some of the Facebook vaping groups that he’s stocking up on The Bam. I got that notice while at work, but I took a break right there and then to order it.  Lucky I did because by that night they were gone.  I know I don’t need it because I have a few really good mods that I like, but I wanted it!  It vapes like a beast from what I’ve seen in review vids!