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In Review: The Innokin itaste vv

I’ve gone back and forth on this device so many times I’ve given myself a headache, especially on the first couple of days until the atty broke in. I don’t like headaches so I’ve decided to simply present the itaste and let you make up your own mind.

Before we start. There is no itaste v1 and v2. All the factory stock has been upgraded to the v2 pcb so unless you have a preview copy then it’s an unlimited one.

Now, lets start with my own little concern. Similar to the ego twist the itaste runs variable voltage all the way up to 5V (the twist goes up to 4.8V) on a single Li-Ion battery. My biggest concern is the safety issues of stressing the battery to this degree. Personally I feel much safer with my provari coupled with top quality IMR’s instead.

I do not have any information on the specs of the battery or battery protection for this device, I am cautious by nature!

The itaste is Innokin’s step forward to the VV market. It is a wonderful looking device with on-board variable voltage circuitry and a digital display, it can output a range of 3.3-5V in 0.1Volt increments through a pair of +/- buttons. It has a really interesting feature that I haven’t seen in a PV before; with an atomizer and with a press of a button it can suggest a range of vaping voltages that are recommended for that specific atomizer. More experienced vapers might prefer seeing the metered resistance so they can decide for themselves but for novices and non-technical people taking their first step into VV this can be helpful.

On top of the battery’s VV capabilities and features the itaste vv comes with a brand new style of tank atomizer, very similar with the ego-c replaceable heads situation but with the atomizer base coming in only 1 piece instead of 2.. the atomizer heads screw into the base directly. Due to the square shape it uses a new shape of tank cart as well which I’ve found to hold roughly 1.1ml of eliquid.

 *at this point I realized how very wordy this review was getting so I decided a pros/cons situation would be in order


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  • Looks great, the chameleon finish is absolutely gorgeous
  • Vapes very well, the provided 2.2ohm tank atomizer performs just as well as any tank atomizer! , in fact i’ve found it wicks quite well even with my 50/50 eliquids.. which was a wonderful surprise
  • Nice clear display for changing the voltage
  • Simple two button voltage adjusting
  • Voltage suggestion function
  • Passthrough charging; like the other Innokin PV’s the charger cord attaches to the bottom of the battery
  • Battery level indicator though the 3 led colors in the button
  • Small voltage drop under load
  • Prices on replacement atomizers are not bad, resistance range will hopefully be increased


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  • I have safety concerns on stressing the battery; like I said already
  • The button. I dont like it. It looks and feels cheap, plasticky, wobbly and I’m quite sure the paint will come off it soon
  • Due to the shape most everything is proprietary (square tank carts, new atty shape, magnetic atty base, magnetic square adapters)
  • Adapters are a bit wobbly
  • Cap won’t close with any other configuration outside the provided tank atty system
  • Charger is no longer a mini-usb; I find this very sad considering previous Innokin charger connectors were mini-usb
  • PRICE! I’m hoping that prices will come to a more fitting $50 mark than the $75 one I’ve seen them at. Replacement batteries are also quite pricey. I’m hoping this is mostly due to the “brand new” factor and prices will come down.
  • No adaptor available for eGo stuff, this might be bad for some.

Opinionated stuff:

There’s a tiny bit of a miss-fit around the bottom end of the battery on my copy, close to the display screen. It’s very tiny but I don’t care for it. I hope it’s only on my copy.

This is much bigger than I imagined, I would have liked something around the 1000mah at this size; but I know that is very similar to the ego twist.. big battery with average mah

Without going into numbers I tend to find it vapes better at the mid-level.. an average ohmed atty (2.2-2.5ohms) and a slightly higher voltage (4.5-4.8V) than the lower end of the spectrum (1.5ohms at 4V) – oddly I prefer the opposite on my regular setup – I did all sorts of metering and cannot find a reason for this.

Little rant:

the “puffer accounter” is as gimmicky as it is unnecessary, the display will only go up to 3 figures so while it is originally pointless around day 5 (when I got to 1000 and it reset) it’s completely and utterly useless


I do like it. I dared carry the itaste to a friendly bbq over the weekend, without a backup PV and it may not have been my ideal vape (I’m very partial to a different setup) but I wasn’t unhappy with it. Unlike some reviews I’ve seen I get decent vapor and throat hit from it, unfortunately like every tank I’ve tried there is a bit of muting of flavors.




  • James

    I wanted one of these so bad…WANTED being key word. 

    • VaperJoe

      I find myself using it occasionally when i’m out and about, it’s not my ideal vape but i like not having to carry around much when i’m out for a coffee or a pint

  • Derk

    I’ve just purchased this as my first vape. I like it so far. The price did come down to $50 and so far it definitely seems worth the price. I definitely agree that it probably shouldnt be turned up all the way.

  • trev

    Steer clear have had unit2months 2batteries n a very poor aftersales error codes everywhere