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The iTaste MVP from Innokin

In Review: The itaste MVP

Anyone that is familiar with the itaste probably expects, like I did, the itaste MVP to be something very similar. It’s not! What the MVP is has some similarity in the VV function but it’s a lot like the Wink.. just without the drama or the massive battery life. It’s a slim box-type variable voltage device with digital display, a large built in battery and charging circuit that also carries a USB-out port for charging other mobile devices. Let’s put it through the works:

[Not a valid template] In the box you get the actual device, 2 ce4 type dual coil cartomizers with 4 incredibly thick wicks (which I’ll be reviewing on their own) and a multi-face USB charging cable along with what looks like an eGo tank plinth. Something resembling instructions and a battery disposal warning. Basically a simple kit without too much bloatware.

Construction feels surprisingly solid. I was expecting el-cheapo plastic much like the Gripper (or Gripper VV) and I was very pleasantly surprised with this, it’s molded aluminium with polished metal end plates and even has quite a bit of weight to it, I often pray at the altar of Provari and the weight of the MVP still threw me.

[Not a valid template] Gone is the magnetic connector of the itaste. Let’s be honest, magnets are fun but the itaste was wobbly and often lost connection with the little magnetic adapters, so this is quite a nice change. In it’s place we find a connector that Innokin calls “myriad compatible”. I like Innokin, not only do they come up with their own stuff often instead of just copying everyone else but I also see something in their products that makes me feel like they really try; I simply don’t see much difference between this myriad compatible connection and a standard eGo except from the half-missing outer eGo threads, making it even less compatible than an eGo.. any eGo atomizer with the double threading will not fit!. The tank skirt looks pretty standard and made to fit the half threaded eGo, I’ve tried a regular tank skirt and it wouldn’t fit because of the eGo threading I just mentioned.

Battery is a Li-Ion chemistry cell rated at 2600mah. Same safety concerns as with the twist, spinner and itaste but they are so popular I’m starting to believe I’m being paranoid, you make up your own mind. Sadly, the battery is fixed. It is a custom battery so it would be impossible to find spares but I still would like the option of owning a second and being able to swap the batteries. I am a huge fan of replaceable batteries and hence disappointed in this. Never-the-less I was able to get almost 2 full days moderate vaping before getting to the “red” status, could of gotten even more if I plugged the device to a usb port while I was vaping. As far as the voltage-out function.. I couldn’t care less for it! Don’t get me wrong, i don’t dislike it.. i just want my PV’s to vape, not to charge my idiotic phone that won’t stop fucking ringing.

[Not a valid template] The button is a bit small but has a nice resistance to it and it even has a three colored LED to indicate battery level, not the best illumination job I’ve seen tbh. It does the job pretty well without feeling cheap. I’m a bit of a button-ist (yes it’s a thing!). It’s location looks uncomfortable in the photos but the box is just over 4cm on the wide side so reaching for the button is not hard at all.

[Not a valid template] Now to more important things: the Variable Voltage. The system boosts and regulates within 3.5-5V through some simple +/- buttons (0.1V increments) making the voltage selection as easy as can be. The range is somewhat limited but considering the battery chemistry used it is actually quite pleasant that they didn’t just go for a big number with all sorts of limitations. Vaping the itaste MVP feels exactly the same as the itaste vv, the monitor looks a bit different and the V+ and V- buttons are round this time. It’s neither anemic nor overcompensating in the selected voltage as I’ve found some other VV devices to feel. Thankfully the voltage range suggestion is gone, I don’t see what use it was and even more-so I cannot understand why there was a voltage range suggestion instead of a simple ohm meter since the device clearly uses the function to determine the voltage suggestion itself. Unfortunately the “puffer accounter” is still there. I still have not found a use for it.


It’s $60. A bit higher than entry level VV mods (gripper VV, lavatube) but with the battery build in and no need for a charger the price is definitively comparable, if not slightly less, to the competition.


There’s some things I’m not thrilled with (the button) some things I’m concerned about (VV from a non High-Drain battery) and some things I love (build quality) but overall I have to admit that while I usually can’t wait for a testing period to end so i can go back to my customary setup this time around I stuck with it. I’m still vaping it right now even with some long proven devices, like my provari, sitting within arms reach. To me that’s a big win.

“At a Glance”

[custom_list type=”check”]
  • Well Made
  • 2600mah Battery Capacity
  • Variable Voltage
  • Power-Out Function
  • Passthrough Function
[custom_list type=”x”]
  • Non-Replaceable Battery
  • Limited Voltage Range (3.5-5V)
[custom_list type=”dot”]
  • eGo-ish Connector
  • $60ish pricetag
  • LED color battery status indication


  • Scott Genn

    Although I think it’s a cute little device, I am not blown away by it. As yoj said, it is pretty well built-although the “beauty ring” on mine is wobbly-I mean, I kind of like it…but it is sort of a back up device for me. I keep it charged and carry it with me. I have used it to charge my phone a few times at work, and it is kinda cool to vape a d charge my phone at the same tme. It isn’t a bad little package. And it is a cool idea. Great review!

  • Troy Zehnder

    Great vapor one thing the washer for looks eaven if loose will get stuck so don’t use washer not really needed for product. The itaste MVP is awesome product works great. Dont put at 5.0 volts for it will bring up liquid instead of vapor maximum should be 4.2

  • Troy Zehnder

    From my earlier post I just meant 4.2 volt is high enough for vaping. If raised to 5.0 and inhaled to much strong it could bring up the eliquid than vapor like u want. I love the itasteMVP. Check out for custom flavor and levels nocotine,along with other options. The ItasteMVP is a sirprise just got it yesterday kinda finatic now yhadda yhadda..

  • Karen Bryant

    I’m thinking of joining the vaping community and giving up tobacco. I’ve been to a couple of Vape bars and am considering this model as my first purchase, so I found your review very useful. Thanks!

  • John

    I have used my Itaste MVP since November. Starting the last week of January until now. I noticed that my pack really heats up every time i would charge it. Are there any of you experiencing the same thing? Is this normal?

    • VaperJoe

      Regrettably I parted with my MVP a couple of months after this review so I can’t check for you.
      A small amount of heat during charging is natural even with Lithium-Ion batteries, more commonly you will notice some heat when overcharging. On the other hand it could well mean that the batteries in your MVP are close to their end.
      I’m no expert on batteries, I’d say that if the heat is uncomfortable it’s a cause for concern, if it’s just noticeable it’s probably normal. I suppose it comes down to “how hot is it?”

  • Garrett

    I started out with the vision spinner but I got tired of always having to charge my batteries half way through the day , and I didn’t like having to screw on th he twist charger after awhile the threads would get messed up and I would have to purchase another charger or use a rubberband to charge my spinners. So I bought the mvp2 and I love it .I use a Natilas head . At any rate I love the fact that the mvp2 charging system is the same cord as my cell phone mini usb. I like its sturdy construction, I like that once charged Iit lasts a day and a half before I have to recharge it . I like that I didnt have to buy a seperate speacial charger . All around I love this unit and am going to buy a second unit so if this one ever goes down I will have a back up .
    My opinion is this unit is the Best Bang for my buck and I love the hasssle freee charging usb mini .