The Flair, Damascus Steel Mod
The Flair, Damascus Steel Mod


The Flair is a merging of modern day metallurgy and electronic cigarette ingenuity. The Damascus body is constructed of approximately 90% 316 stainless steel and 5 % Carbonite as a macro molecular composite, recreating the damascus steel structure.The beauty of the material is that each piece will differ in pattern much like a fingerprint. This mod will have a locking GG style button (used with the permission of Imeotahnasis -maker of GG), a brass center pin which is adjustable from either top side or underneath and a hot spring.

It is a completely mechanical mod meaning there are no wires or solder used in this mod.The mod will be serial numbered with the name engraved on the bottom plate. The 510 threading is cut from Stainless Steel and set flush to the top.

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Battery18350 or
Power RegulationNo
Construction90% 316 stainless steel and 5 % Carbonite as a macro molecular composite
Stainless Steel or Naval Brass Endcaps
Switch Typelocking GG style button (with permision)
FeaturesLighter than the source metal (or metals)
In many cases stronger than the source metal
Surface will patina like source metal
Impervious to almost all chemicals
Will not corrode
Holds a gem quality finish without clear coat
Mokume Gane with high concentrations of copper are antimicrobial and antifouling
Will not conduct electricity
Allows for the re-alloying of dissimilar metals
Scratch resistant with high polish


Video Presentation (by Brad Gruss):