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Magneto PV mod from Smoktech
Magneto PV mod from Smoktech

A Look At: The Magneto

First of all let me get this out of the way. Magneto (character) was a Red and Purple clothed villain (in the more popular stories) that had the mutant ability to create and manipulate magnetic fields. The character was created in Sept 1963 by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. This.. is a metalic tube without any color that has the ability to conduct electricity!

So there is clearly no similarity aside the far fetched link between one’s ability to manipulate electromagnetic fields; and the other having magnets in it! So the etched number ‘1939’ under the name can surely not be the date of the Nazi invasion of Poland. Can it? Why the fuck is that in any way relevant to this PV? And where does the spider fit into all these?

Well at least the magnets are used correctly this time much unlike the Sigelei 19 i’m working on from today.. oups, spoilers.

On with it:

Inspirations for the body of the mod come from all over the place, there’s a bit of nzonic, a bit of Provari.. a bit of the Wizard and the end result I have to admit looks pretty damn good. The bottom button is magnetic as the mod’s name suggests. Both magnets are sitting in brass rings that expend to just over their surface, so when the button is depressed the rings make contact instead of the much much much (+ a few more much’s) less conductive magnets. In fact both battery contacts are made out of brass which minimizes internal resistance, as a result it “hits” fantastically well

The idea is brilliantly simple and without any sugarcoating the switch and consequently (since this is a mechanical mod the switch is most of the fight) the device works quite well. To tie things off the detail under the reverse threaded locking ring was such a lovely thing to see, attention to detail is really what the mechanical game is about.

So is this an all round win?


There’s a couple of points that could have made this a much better device. First of all while you hold it you will be surprised by the weight of it. It really does feel solid in the hand; but! Most of the weight comes from the button and a little bit from the bottom tube. The telescoping section seems like an afterthought that was done fast and cheap. Given the near extinction of pubic hair I am certain that future generations can refer to this tube for a comparison to the thickness of it. And if that wasn’t enough the tube is a couple of millimeters too short, meaning you can see the threading when a slightly longer 18650 is used… Compairing the telescoping tube and top cap with the lower section makes me feel like this was perhaps intended for a smaller, non telescoping PV and was changed somewhere along the way.. perhaps I’m just too picky.

So is this a loss?

Fuck no! As far as mass produced mechanical go this is one of the best one I’ve seen, if not the best. It’s priced pretty well at $60 and performs as good as any top end mechanical does.

By combining the sources of their inspiration Smoktech has managed to create something on the verge of being original; and putting the aesthetics aside they have taken the time and efford to make sure someone that understood the fundamentals of pv’s designed it! As a result we have a really good mechanical device that performs excellently with the added benefit of not having to book a spot on a list months in advance to get one just to get in line to give someone your money.

How about some Photos?