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Recipe: Chocolate Butt

Chocolate Butt

This is the darkest juice I ever made! A full body Chocolate and Peanut Butter with hints of Vanilla and a touch of Caramel. Unlike my other recipes one variation stood out so much that I included it as a second recipe, it’s basically the same base with the addition ...

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Recipe: Urban Bohemia

Urban Bohemia eliquid Recipe

Urban Bohemia is a result of a little playing around with Absinthe flavoring. Absinthe is not an easy flavor to combine, besides being so unique in flavor it is also usually overpowering. I started off by making a couple of absinthe cocktails.. that proved to be a mistake! I had ...

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Recipe: Message in a Bottle

Message in a Bottle eLiquid DIY

Summer is just around the corner and I’m excited, very excited, really excited.. have I mentioned I’m excited? So how about we mix something summer-ish up to hold till it’s actually here? So 1 bottle of summer coming up! This is a fruity mix with a bit of a byte ...

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Recipe: Green Mints Tea

Green Mints Tea

When I first made this I was disappointed.  There was something nice in it as a concept yet the flavors clashed together; it was surprising and odd at the same time. I tried revisiting it a week later and I couldn’t put it down! It might be an acquired taste, maybe something in ...

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Recipe: MangoBerry Key

MangoBerry Key

What a strange thing our taste is. Up to a couple of weeks ago I was so much more into sweet juices that my sudden berry craving came as a bit of a surprise. Today is a sunny day, finally, and with this fleeting sun come wonderful memories of long ...

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Recipe: Black & Blue

Juicy Blueberries

I have been on a berry kick lately and I somehow find myself hating to rely on the post for my juice supply so needed a backup berry juice. Thanks to a very grateful friend I have had a few new flavorings to play with (I do his taxes, he sends me ...

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Recipe: Bananut Creamel

Calda de Banana Caramelada

I go bananas over bananas but I’m always very hesitant to try to diy or even buy some ejuice or flavoring because past experience is paved with soapy unnatural tasting bananas but since I had some banana cream around for a while I decided to just go for it; and I’m happy I did. ...

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Recipe: Bacco de Leche

Dulce De Leche

Dulce de Leche is one of those flavors that goes well with everything. Having recently stocked up on several flavorings this was the first one I wanted to try. This is a heavy flavor, not for everyone, but I find it fits a nice cup of coffee. Bacco de Leche, ...

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Recipe: Pina Colada e-juice Flavoring

Pina Colada

Despite my love for them I can’t have Pina Coladas, the pineapples have conspired to kill me so I’ve had to keep my distance. Strangely while my stomach has a hissy fit whenever I have a pina colada it is perfectly calm with pineapple flavoring. So here’s when this came ...

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Rich and Pure Vanilla Flavoring DIY

vanilla beans

 I  am absolutely in love with vanilla flavored cookies, cakes, creams (ok, small break from typing cause I made myself hungry) soaps, shampoo, this girl at work that uses it as perfume.. you name it I’m into it! So not so very surprising that one of my always loved juices ...

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